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John G
First home runs Review of Matt Dryer Will has had several lessons with Matt over the years. He had two hitting lessons before opening day this year and Matt really helped him improve his hitting mechanics. He's a much more confident and competent hitter, so much so that on opening day he got his first home run! And then he got his second home run the same game (different pitcher). Thanks, Matt, for all of your help! We'll be back for more.
Brian Phillips
"Hungry and Humble" "Hungry and Humble" may be Lebron James' mantra but it is in every player and coach at DP. Whether they are current pro ball players or 10 year old future stars they all demonstrate the "Love of the Game" and are the most professional, respectful, and humble players and coaches in the league. My son is learning the right way to play and represent the sport of baseball.
Jeff Griggs
No better place My son couldn't be in a better place. There is no doubt that Matt, Tony, and staff have taken Tyler's game to the next level. It is going to be fun watching it all continue over the next several years...
Ryan Bonnell
Best Baseball Instruction in Rochester From a dedicated baseball dad and travel MCBR Coach, Matt and his instructors are the best qualified to teach 1 one on 1 or in large groups the skills of baseball. They also specialize in meeting each player at there own skill level. By far a 5 star recommendation!
Ryan Bonnell
Best Baseball Instruction in Rochester From a dedicated baseball dad and travel MCBR Coach, Matt and his instructors are the best qualified to teach 1 one on 1 or in large groups the skills of baseball. They also specialize in meeting each player at there own skill level. By far a 5 star recommendation!
Shawn B
Dedication and Hard Work Review of Matt Dryer I have never met a more dedicated, hardworking individual in my life. Dryer is relentless in his pursuit of excellence. Whether it was in his training as a player or his instruction as coach, Dryer is full speed, full effort, 100% of the time. He has a rare determination that is only seen in champions; that is why he found success as a player and has found success now as a coach. His attitude and effort is contagious and is a large part of the reason his players are finding so much success. He is an invaluable baseball resource for the Rochester area.
Angelo S.
Benny is the man My son Leo worked with Benny for just one lesson and came away with more confidence in his swing and himself. Benny told my son that he wanted to be not just his hitting instructor, but his friend. Benny's warmth and easy approach, along with a real clear assessment of how he could improve his swing, started my son on the road to being a better hitter. We are going back to see Benny soon. Great work and thank you!
Matt K
Excellent Instruction My son Matt had been out of sorts at the plate. Knew he had to see Matt. After a 1/2 hour Matt had him all put back together. Matt has seen him over the years and always had the same success. Whenever someone has asked where to go I always send them to Diamond Pro. Thanks, Matt.
John Mustico
Great Instruction- Geoff Soja Geoff did a great job working with my son who has always been a side arm pitcher. He developed a good slider and had a very successful Modified Season. Thanks
Awesome work outs! DP's Staff is awesome. Very personable and makes my 10 year old son love the game. Couldn't be happier with our decision to do lessons at Diamond Pro! Thanks Guys!
r e
Over-rated and Over Expensive My son Jack took hitting lessons and developed blisters on his hands..When this issue was brought up, they didn't care. Only wanted more money for more lessons. Not worth it.
Tom Stuewe
Best Youth Baseball Organization in NY Matt and his staff are true professionals who are committed to making better baseball players and young men. After 5 years at DP, I cannot thank Matt, Tony Fuller, Ben Fuller and the rest of the DP staff enough for coaching my son how to play the game the right way, with class and integrity. If you are looking for the opportunity to have your son work with knowledgeable and dedicated coaches who teach the finer points of baseball at all skill levels, there is no place but DP. This place is the real deal.
Jake Pierson
Great Experience All of the coaches at Diamond Pro are great. They teach the game the right way and care about the kids.
Valerie D
best coaching around I cant believe the transformation Ryan has made this year. The coaching at DP is second to none, it is worth every penny! The families we have met are wonderful, overall great experience!
Can't say enough good things My 12 year old son has taken a couple of hitting lessons with Matt in the middle of his Little League season. He had hit a several home runs prior to his lessons and was hitting well. After his lessons, he homered in 7 or 8 consecutive games during his post season District/Sectional Tournament play. Matt taught my son a couple of key techniques, but he also renewed a work ethic in my son. Matt reinforced that he needed to practice and keep working - especially when he is hitting well. My son loves baseball and wants to continue lessons so badly that he has offered to pay with his own money.
John Cassetta
Top Notch Coaches My sons have had private lessons and attended winter workouts. I am very impressed with the entire organization. Every coach they've interacted with has been outstanding. I highly recommend Diamond Pro.
Mike Sabatine Sr
Best Baseball People in the Business Matt surrounds himself with knowledgeable people like Tony Fuller while mixing in current high-end players (Heyman and both Bostics)that are very very good at relating to high school athletes. They taught my son how to prepare, workout and carry himself off the field. My son is a better player and better person thanks to DP!
colleen woodruff
Baseball Camp My grandson goes to this camp his parents are VERY pleased with everything. He has gone to two other baseball camps and this one is by far the BEST We would recommend this camp to everyone
Kimberly M
Catching Lesson Ryan was GREAT. Even after one lesson, my sons coach was commenting on the improvement. Definitely worth the time and money.
William Green
Great Experience Ryan did a great job helping my 9 yr old son with is hitting mechanics and explained it at a level he could understand. Well worth the time and money.
Jacob & Justin M
Excellent as always! The atmosphere at Diamond Pro just makes you want to be a better player! Another great lesson at Diamond Pro with Ryan. Highly recommend all the staff at this facility.
Thoma Hassett
Hitting Lessons Matt Dryer is a great teacher & mentor.My baseball skills have improved with his guidance. Highly recommend him for baseball lessons!
Patty C
Catching classes Ryan Sullivan has helped my son develop skills in technique, improved his baseball IQ, and grow his leadership skills.
Drew t
all fundamentals Coach Rodgers focus on fundamentals is key .. We are always working on them to make them a habit ... He takes me at a good pace and I am learning great game techniques
Chris B
Hitting lesson My son plays varsity ball for his school. I brought him to Diamond Pro for some help with his batting. After just a half hour with Ryan, he showed alot of improvement and confidence. Many thanks to Ryan, we'll definitely be back!
Stacey +Will Griffith
Brian is a great teacher A great mentor- positive, fun, firm and motivating sessions. Liam can't wait to get home and start practicing! Thank you!!
Nick Rubino
Matt is the guy ! I just want to say thanks Matt for helping Nick on his hitting and teaching him from your perspective every aspect of the game. There is just a lot of things to the game besides just hitting and fielding. Thanks Matt !
Brian was great! We really enjoyed Brian -- he did a great job breaking down and getting to the bottom of a problem our son was having with his swing. Brian was positive and firm! We will definitely be back!
Lisa Wilson
Batting Lesson My son worked with Brian. From the get go he was so good with him and made him feel relaxed. It amazed me the difference in his swing after just 30 minutes!! We're already signed up to go back again! Thanks Brian
William Bulman
Batting instruction My son kris was struggling at the plate and I couldn't explain to him what he was doing wrong. I knew what he was doing wrong but I couldn't explain it in a way he could get it and apply it toward his swing. kris had a 1/2 lesson with Brian in which Brian noticed same thing and was able to relate to my son what he was doing wrong. Not only that he gave him drills to work on as well. thanks Brian and I look forward to the next lesson.
Teri Edom
Hitting Lesson I brought my 12 year old son, Nate, to a hitting lesson with Brian before going to Cooperstown for a tournament. Brian quickly focused in on the issue. Nate was reaching with his swing and not pulling down to get more power. Nate went to Cooperstown a few days later and hit a home run his first at bat. The first thing he said to me after the game was he was very glad we went for a hitting lesson with Brian! It made the difference. Thanks Brian, we will see you again soon.
Randy B
Hitting lesson 9 yr old son had his first lesson with Brian, who did a great job of teaching my son how to improve his swing. Brian was very encouraging and put in the extra effort to make it a positive experience for my son, who definitely wants to go back for another lesson.
Steve W
hitting lesson My 13 year old son had a lesson with Ryan and within 10 min increased his bat speed had him driving the ball much better. He has a great way of breaking it down so kids understand. Will continue seeing Ryan in the upcoming months.
brian l
9 year old batting lesson My son went for half hour batting lesson. Although it was a short lesson, Matt and his staff gave my son some excellent advice with his swing.
Steve B
Great Experience My son recently had his first lesson and it was a great experince. He was struggeling at the plate, but after his first lesson he was like a different kid....saw results in his next game. He cant wait to go back next week.
Jim H
Hitting Matt and his staff are very proffesional.They will work on the areas that need work and not try to re design your whole swing. Highly recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs help.
Chris C
Immediate Improvement Matt is a class act. My kids both gravitated to Matt immediately. He had them hitting better mechanically and confident at the plate within minutes. His knowledge of baseball and the way he handles young players is awesome. I would recommend Matt to kids of all ages. If they are good players he will make them more confident and ultimately better.
Fantastic coaching My son has been getting catching and hitting lessons from Ryan Sullivan. I have seen tremendous improvement in his skills and his confidence. Ryan has not only taken my son's catching and hitting to the next level, he has also helped my son become a team leader. I highly recommend Ryan.
Outstanding! Matt Dryer's instruction is the best around. My daughter plays high level softball and players from all over NYS have requested his contact information. He explains everything so they understand and remember. She batted .800 over a 7 games this weekend including a HR and the a "few" triples!
Paul Siena
Outstanding!!! Matt Dryer's instruction is bar none, the best I've seen. I've been around baseball my whole life and coaching youth baseball for about 8 years. Matt's ability to diagnose a player is spot on. He provides instruction that players will remember without being overly technical. The player learns flawless technique, but in a manner that isn't boring complicated text book style. If you're with a different program, you're throwing money away!!!
Kelly Ditzel
Coach Brian Casey has been taking lessons with Brian this winter and prior to that Matt. Brian is great, he takes so much time doing drills, showing proper technique, and getting to know the kids. His knowledge of baseball and experience with the game is outstanding. I would highly recommend both Brian and Matt!
Julie Rivera-Guadalupe
Excellent ON 5/4 we took our son to his first of many sessions with Matt. WOW!! His knowledge of baseball is better than what we expected. After sending our son to various other camps in the area, he has never walked away with the knowledge of baseball techniques as he did in this one session. Matt is truly amazing. Our son learned so much in one session, and has improved his hitting techniques all thanks to Matt. We will definitely be back!
Ron Walsh
Matt's the Best! Hunter has been with Matt going on 4 years now and the transformation I have seen in his swing from the age of 7 till now is incredible, Matt's ability to relate to his students and hold their interest while he's teaching is unbeliveable. Hunter swing is now fundamentally sound and he's full of confidence at the plate. Thanks Matt.
Robert B
Hitting Guru My son saw Matt for the first time this season and he instantly corrected some timing issues he was having. 15 minutes into the lesson my son was drilling the ball with solid contact. Every time we leave after a lesson my son is beaming with confidence. I cannot recommend Matt enough. Thank you Matt.
One word - Incredible! My 13 year old son had been working with another hitting coach in the area for several months but his swing still seemed really long and late. Out of frustration we decided to give Matt a try. Within the first 5 minutes Matt identified the problem and started working on correcting the flaw. After one 30 minute session the difference was incredible. Line drives with power. My son is psyched and looking forward to his next session. Thanks Matt.
Coach Matt Matt's rapport with kids my son's age is excellent. The best part is how engaged he gets with each kid and the passion he has for the game. That passion (and expertise) translates to a more attentive student and better player. Great work Matt!
Don C
Matt Dryer's Coaching Just want to acknowledge Matt's exceptional ability to diagnose and fix swing mechanics for my 12 yr. son. I know it's one thing to know what to fix, it's another to find a way to help a 12 yr. old understand what needs to change and get him to be able to make that change. Matt's the best at this from both the mechanical and mental perspective.
Michael Lohwater
Confidence Builder This was my son's first lesson with Matt. Matt used appropriate comments about what the difference was with a golf swing, practicing with a tee (like guitar lessons) and other comments that really resonated with my son.
Greg Halstead
Great job! Matt is great with my son! He's always right there with the key piece of advice for the situation. We've been going to Matt for over six months and I've seen a vast improvement in Nick's swing and his confidence. We've cleared out the basement to put up the batting screen so he can practice his lesson through out the week!
Dave C
Matt's teaching style. Matt is great!! My son and I have benefitted from Matt's style of teaching. If you don't practice what he teaches you're not going to get the results you want. He immediately knows if we've been practicing at home or not. He is right on point with all his explanations and teachings. Big benefit for anyone who wants to get better.
Bob Finnerty
The Art & Science of Hitting Matt breaks hitting down in a simplified way for players of all ages. He helps players understand their strengths and weaknesses, whether they are singles' hitters or power hitters. And he reminds hitters they will constantly have to adjust and tweak their swing, much like a golf pro.
Dave Hewitt
Always looking forward to the next lesson For Hitting/Pitching/Fielding lessons there is no one better. Matt and his staff focus on the mental as well as the physical aspects of the game giving our son the all-around training and preparation needed to succeed. Matt is a great teacher and motivator.
Dan Cullen
Learn from the best! Greg, Paul and Jeff have been working with Matt for the past 4 years and that consistency with one hitting instructor has been the key to their success at the plate. FIVE STAR RATING!
Rochester's Best Hitting School My Son Zachary has been going for over a year. In that time I have seen him change in ways I never thought he could at age 8. Matt is the best in Rochester. His ability to relate to children is unparallel to any other hitting insructor in Rochester. It pays off with dedication and hard work!!!
Ed Martin
AWESOME Matt and his staff continue to bring new drills and fresh outloooks to my son's hitting lessons. My son has received hitting instruction from Matt for several years & I couldn't be happier.
The Five Star Batting Instructor Matt is the superior batting instructor not only because of his extensive knowledge and experience, but because of his ability to connect with and motivate his players. Matt quickly assesses skill level and personality, and then finds the perfect balance of quality instruction, positive motivation, and discipline to maximize improvement.
doug r
Fantastic instruction Matt's uplifting and intense manner coupled with his hitting knowledge has proved to be a great combination for my son. Jake's swing and his ability to hit line drives have improved dramatically with Matt's instruction. Great coach.
Ed Martin
Awesome Matt and his staff have done a great job of teaching my 14 year old son the art of hitting a baseball. The instruction is anything but a "canned approach". My son switch hits & he essentially has 2 lessons each session and he receives specific/different instruction from each side of the plate.
Mike M
Impressive I recommend Matt to everyone. He has the right mixture of of knowledge, communication, and motivation. I also saw someone who enjoys what he does and is concerned with what's in the best interest of his students.
Morrie S
Stop Reading and Book it Matt Dryer is the best hitting coach. He can take a kid who has never picked up a bat and turn him into a .400 hitter. Matt understands the game from a players stand point and understands the struggles a hitter may have. STOP READING AND BOOK IT!! He will fix your swing. Matt hit bombs and now he's teaching to hit bombs!!!
Don C
MATT IS BEST IN THIS REGION The ultimate hitting teacher needs to: know the mechanics cold, understand what the student is do right and wrong, know the solution or new outcome, and most importantly, how to work with the student incorporate any changes. Matt is outstanding at this. In addition, at the same time that he is able to improve my son's hitting, he is able to motivate my son and teach him the finer points of the game and the mental aspects of the game. I would recommend MAtt to anyone.
jesse C
great results Matt is a great motivating coach! He really helped me with my swing and timing when batting. Loved the outfield camp over the summer! Really learned a lot.
Cardinal D
Doesn't get any better! Matt figured out exactly what was wrong with my son's batting. My son's average went up almost .100 points this year from last year. Practice what he teaches and you will get big time results!! Thanks Matt
Hunter's mom!
Very pleased Hunter has come out of his hitting slump and is more consistent with his swings. He is more confident now and is enjoying playing baseball again. Thank you for clear directions and explanations for his needs. Hunter says you're awesome!
Johnny H
Outstanding Instructions by Matt Matt is one of, if not the best in providing my son with instructions that he needs to become a more effective hitter. After the sessions my son shares how much he has gained and feels better about what he needs to do during the game. Matt is one awesome hitting instructor that I would recommend to any serious ball player.
Bryan R
Matt Produces I can't say enough nice things about Matt's hitting instruction. My son walks out of each session hitting better than when he walked in. Matt approaches each session with a desired outcome and uses different drills and techniques to achieve that outcome. I am very impressed with Matt's instruction.
Gunnar Sertl
Matt's the Best When Matt watches you swing for the 1st time, he knows exactly what you need to change to produce at the plate. He knows great drills to help with those changes. There's no doubt that Matt helps you become the best you can be and working with him has been great for my game.
Bruce Gehring
Matt is GREAT Matt has really helped RJ come into his own with hitting. He is more confident, has more power, is knowledgeable about his swing and as a result can make adjustments in a game. Matt is AWESOME!!!
Matt's the Man Matt watched a couple swings, made 2 adjustments, and my fourth grader was really hitting the ball well. My son had a smile on his face and was enjoying himself which made my day. Matt has a great personality and communicates the swing mechanics easily to the kids and parents. He's the best!!!!!
Justin Mytych
Worth the Money!!!! Matt does a great job explaining everything not only to the batter but also the parents. He realizes that every kid has a different approach to batting and he works with them on it. Matt teaches the kids about not only being a great hitter but also being a great teamate!! A+++++
Mike Camacho
Great instructor Simplified Nicks swing in one lesson. Gave him a easy approach to hitting that yielded results instantly. Gave me a better idea of his swing . Outstanding love for the game and translates it to his students 100% recommend his school of baseball.
Brian Kearns
Great Lesson Great lesson for my son. Zeroed in on an issue, and taught him how to correct it, without cluttering the issue. He is looking forward to his next lesson!
Peyton O
Superb! This was another great lesson with Matt. Each time I go to him he fine tunes what I need to work on and adjust! He helps me know what to practice and do when I don't have a lesson. I'd recommend 100% going to him to get better!
Susan W
Great Matt has a knack for making sublte changes to a players swing that have imediate results. I have taken my son and daughter to see him and would recommend him for any player.
David M
Great First Lesson Awesome experience. Matt took the time and put forth the effort to really teach my son what was going on with his swing. He also made sure I was aware of what my son needed to work on so I could reinforce what he was taught when he practices at home. Plan on returning soon!
Davis Heyman
Great Teacher Knows his stuff!!! Lot's of guys claim to be hitting "guru's" but Matt is the real deal. Definitely time and money well spent. Communicates well, kids love him!
Ed Martin
AWESOME - As Usual My 14 year old son has been taking hitting lessons with Matt for almost 3 years. Matt has done a great job of continually strengthening my son's mechanics, from both sides of the plate, and being prepared for "the next level". Matt is great.
Dave C
Great Results! Matt evaluated my sons problems immediately. He then explained it to me and my son what was going on and implemented the lessons right away. He also explained, in order for the lessons to work you need to practice at home also. What an asset for Rochester!!!
Great instructor My son enjoyed Matts instruction. I felt Matt was really into the lesson and that he really has a passion for developing young ball players. My son is looking forward to further instruction from Matt.
Joe Fina
Waste of Money This is a total waste of money if you choose to do nothing with it after the lesson ends. This is one of the strongest investments you can make if you choose to consistently work on what was taught after you go home. Matt has a gift and that gift is the ability to effectively teach kids (& parents) the toughest thing to do in any sport...hit a baseball.
Richard Sulimowicz
Great job Matt! Matt was very good with showing my son Lucas what he does wrong and what he does right in a way that Lucas understood. My son enjoys working with Matt and we will continue to do so.
James Angora
Great experience James has been working with Matt for almost a half year now. I can see the improvement in his swing, approach and confidence. Matt does an outstanding job, not only with the technical part of hitting but also the mental part of the game. He really relates to the kids well, you can tell they respect his input and always look forward to attending lessons. James knows he has a great deal more work, to get to his full potential but Matt has him on the correct path. Thanks Matt!
Jason Mann
Matt Dryer Outstanding teacher, relates very well to kids. Oustanding communicator of hitting fundamentals. I recommend Matt to all kids looking to improve their hitting performance.
Jake R.
Knowledgeable and positive Matt has a way of connecting with my son Jake, making the hitting lesson fun and informative. It is obvious that Matt is very knowledgeable about baseball, and that translates into a great experience. He picks up on the small things that my son could change about his swing, and helps him make those changes efficiently.
7 YEAR OLD HITTING LESSON'S Excellent work with my 7 year old son. Matt has the inate ability to talk to my son on a level that he understands for his age. The change I see in my son in just a few lesson's is unbelievable. It is worth the investment and my son loves going.
George DeRue
Fantastic interaction with my son The initial session began with a comment about the Yankees shirt my son Jack was wearing. The ice was broken and Jack was hooked on Matts every word from that point on. Matt used playerson the Yankees team to describe the lessons he was trying to teach at the moment. These are the little things that will click and make Jack progress. Great job Matt.
Matthew Wall
Can't wait till his next game! My son has had three lessons with Matt and each one has been a great experience. Each lesson built off each other and my son came away with new skills and a new attitiude. Awesome!
Jagger N
Quick Results My son, who has always been an above average hitter for his age, has been hitting too many weak ground balls to opposite field for the good part of the season. In one half hour session Matt diagnosed the issue with his approach and made an adjustment to his load. Beginning that night and ever since, he starting hitting the ball hard and pulling the ball with authority. Great with kids too, Matt is a true asset to any father wanting better for his son's baseball career.
Ed Martin
Awesome Lessons! In 3 yrs of lessons with Matt, my son has continually improved and been challenged to take his game to the next level. My son’s understanding of, and approach to, the game are so much better because of Matt’s instruction. My son leaves every lesson a better baseball player and more confident than ever that he’ll make it to the next level of the game. What more could a father want for a son who loves baseball?
Andy Z
1 lesson leads to 3 triples My son took his first lesson last evening and his first game after hit 3 triples. Matt taught him how to load properly and wowsa what a diffence. Thanks Matt
lynn moore
Outstanding Instructer Cant say enough about the confidence he has given my son.He knows exactly where to pick up from each lesson and always knows what to correct and help him get better. He gives valuable life lessons also that pertain to baseball as well so it gets the kids thinking about other things. My son loves to go to every lesson...Thank you so much for keeping his love of baseball with him!
ryan wegner
baseball I have worked with Matt for a long time. He has helped me with my swing and my approach to hitting. He also is a great tool that I can rely on when I have questions about the game. He also has helped me become a better infielder with the major league drills he teaches. He always teaches with respect towards the individual. I enjoy my workouts with Matt, he is a great instructo and also a great friend.
Really valuable Matt is obviously an excellent baseball coach. He did a great job with my 9 year old son. Matt identified the most important aspects about stance and swing that we need to work on, and he explained the reasons clearly.
Hitting lessons Matt does a great job with my sons, they both have different styles and need different direction. He built a relationship with both boys and they look forward to going to their lessons. Both boys are stronger hitters.
John P
Hitting Lessons The lessons are practical working from basics to the finer points of hitting. The improvement after the first two lessons is remarkable and we will be continuing. Matt quickly built a relationship with my 12 year old son which facilitated learning. It is a great experience!
Cal B
Hitting lessons Matt does a great job with my 12 year old son. His instruction is always targeted to his specific needs. Matt makes sure that what he teaches is understandable and practical. Cal looks forward to his lessons and improves each time he goes.
Brian L
Hitting with Matt Matt's experiences in baseball provides him with instant credibility with young students. My 11year old appreciates that Matt tells him what he needs to hear and not what he might want to hear. Matt simplifies hitting and makes it understandable for the student and he wants parents to learn too!
Andrew G
Hitting Lessons I have had a few hitting lessons with Matt and I am haveing much more success in hitting the ball. Matt guided me with very effective drills that broke down my swing and we can already see results. I would recommend Matt to anyone and everyone who wants to learn the fundementals of hitting. He is a great instructor!
Curtis A
First Hitting Lesson I had my 2 sons take a lesson with Matt. It was their first experience with a private hitting session. Matt was able to communicate what they needed to improve and also tells them what he likes about there swing. On the ride home, I asked them about the experience and both gave it a thumbs up. Thank you Matt
mike perlo
Continued improvement Matt is a outstanding baseball instructor. We work on mechanics and the mental side of hitting . I now know when I have a bad swing and what caused that bad swing. Matt has helped me improve my swing and game and I am truly seeing the benefits Thanks for everything Matt
Molly B
Excellent First Lesson My first lesson with Matt Dryer was great! As soon as he pointed out to me what I could do to improve, I had much more success in hitting the ball. Matt guided me with simple, yet very effective drills that broke down my swing and we can already see results.
Ryan K
Another GREAT lesson! Our son Ryan had yet another great lesson with Matt. The drills that he did were fantastic and nothing we had seen from any other hitting coach before. We are already seeing results and Ryan cannot wait until the next lesson.
David's dad
Excellence! My son has done numerous hitting lessons with Matt and has developed a comfortable confident hitting style. Matt broke down his swing piece by piece and built him into a good hitter abd he's only 11. Matt is outstanding with kids of all ages, as well as giving parents tips on how to work with their child at home. My son looks forward to all his lessons as well as I. I'm amazed at the strides he makes in each lesson. I couldn't thank Matt enough for his work and dedication to my son! THANKS!!!
Peggy K
Great Lesson! Our son Ryan went to his first lesson of many with Matt Dryer yesterday and he cannot stop talking about it. It was the BEST coaching lesson he has ever received. Matt was all business as soon as we walked in. Ryan clicked with him instantly and Matt in turn, gave him some fantastic coaching. We have already bought the T that Matt uses and Ryan cannot wait to go back for more. Matt truely loves what he is doing and that is evident in his coaching.
Dylan Nicholas
Thanks Matt Matt Dryer not only is excellent techically when it comes to the fundamentals of hitting, but is a great teacher as well. Matt continues to show patience and give all sorts of different ways to attack certain things that my son needs to work on. If one analogy doesn't work, he tries another and another until it clicks. I have found these lessons to not only improve my son's hitting fundamentals, but also fuel his confidence. Thanks again Matt.
Joe Stirpe
Great Instructor My Son is 11 and can't get enough of this game. Matt has helped fuel this passion by helping my Son learn the fundamentals of hitting. Matts ability to communicate the principles of hitting has given my Son the confidence needed to properly approach the game from behind the plate. I am hopeful that as my Son continues to learn and grow in his knowledge and passion that Matt will be an integral part of his baseball playing experience. If you have a Son who wants to learn, pick Matt Dryer.
trey pascazi
Matt Your The Best Matt Is the best hitting coach .He has taught me to perfect my r ight hand as well as my left. He has taught me that practice makes perfect. and has given me confidence from both sides of the plate.
James Hovey
A-ROD We have used Matt a few times. He is very patient and realizes each kid may a different swing but the basics are the same for everybody. So he only adjust the things that need changing , not changing the whole swing. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about becoming a great hitter.
Dylan B
Great Hitting Instructor Just had my first lesson with Matt, it was great. He Does a great job fixing your swing but doesn't change it too much. His quick to the ball style is perfect for any type or level of hitter.
Lynn Moore
Andrew M Was our first experience with Matt and my son loved it. He came away feeling very confident and asked to schedule more sessions with Matt. Looking foward to seeing the development in the next couple weeks.
Ryan B
What a Difference My son is 10 and has been working with Matt for over a year now. He has a great sense of how much information he can handle and then put into use. He is great with kids and I am amazed of "What a Difference" Matt has made to his game. He keeps it fun and relaxed. This is the first time my son has ever asked for more instruction. Thanks for everything. Ryan's Dad.
Jimmy Wagner
5 stars and then some I have been working with Matt off and on over the past couple of years. Matt is an awesome instructor. Matt is currently working with me to try and hit with more power. Matt also makes you understand his way of hitting due to the video. Seeing is beliving. Nice to have a pro teaching in this area.
Logan's progress I am a junior in high school and trying to improve my swing for the upcoming BB season. Matt recently filmed my swing and pointed out some of the flaws that if corrected, would give me even more power. This was extremely helpful to actually see myself and then have an expert like Matt provide detailed tips and instruction on how to improve. Practice can seem like work at times but Matt makes things fun. He explains and demonstrates things really well. He is just an awesome hitting instructor.
Greg Cullen
Best Hitting Instructor in Rochester! Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his instruction and has an incredible ability to motivate players. There's no doubt he's the best hitting instructor in the Rochester area. Definitely a 5 star rating!
Larry Kemp
Professional Instruction! Matt is gifted with the ability to take all of the coaching and experience he received from playing professional baseball and communicate it to young people in a practical manner that balances encouragement, correction, and work ethic. Last summer, my 16 year old son competed 3 levels higher than he had ever before thanks in large part to Matt training his body and mind.
drew scharney
hitting lessons My son has taken hitting lessons from Matt Dryer for 2 years . Matt is the number 1 hitting instructor in Rochester NY. Matt has taken my son from being a average hitter to a kid who is a outstanding hitter for his age. Many thanks to Matt
Lance Buss
Matt is an outstanding hitting instructor Matt is an excellent hitting coach, communicating to kids in a language they understand. He encourages them to work on their own at home. He champions their improvement. My son’s swing has really improved since working with Matt. He can’t wait to get back to his next lesson with Matt.
Ray McClure
Matt Dryer... a great hitting instructor and popular with my son My son has learned a ton from Matt . Matt has a way of relating to kids and getting them to understand his points and how to apply them. It is one thing for the coach to know what he is talking about. It is yanother matter though to teach mechanics that work; relate to the kids AND have the kids really like the coach. Matt does all of this. He is just a super individual. My son likes and respects Matt a ton !!
Jackie R
Awesome Experience My son has had a couple of lessons with Matt. It has made a difference. Matt knows how to communicate with the kids so that they understand what he means. Matt also expects them to work at home. He wants to see the commitment from the kids. It is nice to see Matt knows what he is doing and then the results that your child has if they are committed
Mark Huddle
Excellent Technical / Analytical Insight Regarding Hitting Matt has excellent interpersonal skills that combine with a solid knowledge regarding all the aspects of proper hitting mechanics. he determined the rudimentary faults with my son's swing in a matter of moments and then proceed to break it down through tee hitting and other techniques. His teaching was conveyed in a direct, undestandable fashion which made my son very relaxed. Now all he must do is practice these mechanics. he would definitely come back again.
Ed Martin
Worth Every Penny Matt has helped my son develop a mechanically sound swing from both sides of the plate. More importantly, he has taught him how to assess the game's situation and to set a productive goal for each at-bat. My son is a much better hitter and his Baseball IQ is much higher because of Matt's instruction.
Brian Wilson
Good job Matt. Excellent work with my son. Matt talked in a language he could understand, and tailored the session to what he was ready for. Nothing makes you a great hitter overnight, but this is a step in the right direction. I will be doing this again.
Lucas LaJuett
Knowledgeable and great with kids Matt is very positive and has a lot of patience with kids. He has a great understanding of hitting, and does a fantastic job teaching young players proper swing mechanics.